Thursday, June 20, 2013

Steps toward being a Grown-up

Oh golly ya'll. These past two weeks have been crazy. I feel like I blinked and 2 weeks were gone. There have been some important adult-life progressions in the past 14 days, of which I will now enlighten you.

First, I "got" a Masters degree. I use "" because I technically have to take 3 summer classes, so even though I walked and got celebrated and wore the cool hood and hat, I won't have my real Masters degree until September. But shhhh, let's all pretend I'm done.

Second, I drove a pick-up truck to Arizona! This is important because:
1. I drove a truck
2. I moved my stuff to AZ!!

We can leave out the parts where my brother actually drove most of the way and where I backed into a mailbox and left a huge dent in the rental truck, and simply be proud of my grown-up moving skills, right?

Moving was everything from fun to not fun and stressful to...not stressful. It was a little bit of a shock to drive into Pinetop, AZ and realize that I was actually moving there, like for real. It is quite a world away from Pasadena. But even though I kind of freaked out and got really nervous and considered reconsidering for just a brief second, I eventually calmed down and realized that even though living in Arizona won't be easy, it is where God wants me. And if it is where God wants me, then even in the hard moments I will be fine. Plus I am joining a great team and I absolutely love my students, so I am sure that once the initial shock passes I will get to just be super excited and pumped to finally get started with AYM. One day at a time!

So that is two important weeks in a nutshell. I am a grown-up with 2 degrees, halfway moved to AZ.

You can feel free to start calling me Master Meredith if you wish.

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