Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't take my word for it, take their's!

Well hello dear ones. First, I want to report how fabulous of a weekend I have had! SIX new people joined my support team and I am so encouraged by their desire to partner with me as I go to work with Apache Youth Ministries. We are moving toward our goal and I will report some numbers in the next week. God is certainly good, ALLLLL the time!

I also got to spend quality time with my lovely college friends in Milledgeville this weekend. I felt at home and it was the best feeling to be back.

So now, I want to announce something really cool that I am excited about. I figured that I could tell you all day every day why it is important for me to be on the Apache reservation and why I love working with these kids, but eventually you are going to get bored of that. So instead, I thought you should hear from the students themselves!

So here we go! The first of the testimonies! I am excited for you guys to get to know some of my students, as well as hear what they think of me.

Dude #1 (He didn't tell me if I could put his name yet, so we are going to call him dude):

This guy is awesome. He just graduated high school and we at AYM are really proud of him. He has really encouraged me with his willingness to talk about his faith, and has shown a lot of growth since I met him last summer. He is an incredible artist and I believe God has big plans in store for him. This is his direct quote regarding my time with them last summer:

"I like how you kept most of us accountable and how you just get along with everybody and you are fun to hang out with and I believe that if you begin to work with AYM you'd be able to connect with more students in high school and Junior High. You were a great blessing to us last summer. We all miss you!"

So there it is! Isn't it cool how the people we go to encourage and motivate, so many times, end up building us up? What a blessing. So don't take my word, take his! And join us in this awesome ministry, where we can be the Body of Christ, impacting the lives of Apache youth as they impact our lives as well.

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