Sunday, December 15, 2013

To Express It All...

If I could, I would build a fire and sit you down.  I would let you know that we would be there a while, so you should probably settle in. And then I would simply begin. I would tell you every. single. detail of this past week and month. I would tell you of the trials, the death, the sadness, and the hope. I would tell you about the kids who I am excited about, who desire to know God and to be better. And I would tell you the stories that are breaking my heart, the ones of lost opportunity, of bad situations, and of lives that will never be the same because of the terrible atrocities that become so unfortunately commonplace. 

If we sat down for coffee, I wouldn't sugarcoat a thing. I wouldn't just tell you the good parts. I would tell you the truth. I would tell you about the helpless feeling when students cry because their parents are so messed up that they can't even be called caregivers. I would tell you of the devastation that is caused by bad decisions, and the sinking feeling of knowing that a family has lost a child to a brutal death that should never occur on God's earth. You would see the way that my heart swells for these students, who are so young and so innocent, despite what they have seen and done. 

I would assure you that amidst the broken families and hearts there are stories of redemption. I would tell you how the students light up when we love them and care for them. I would get excited as I talked about the new girls and guys that we are investing in, and I would express with every bit of who I am that God is going to stop the atrocities, that transformation is coming. I would tell you that enough is enough, that there is to be no more death, no more assaults, no more manipulation and false love. I would tell you that in spite of everything, God is here and He is moving. 

I would want you to know it all, every story, every emotion, but I know that you wouldn't have the time for that, and truthfully, I probably wouldn't be able to find the words. So instead I will just believe that somehow, in some way, you understand. I will feel you all here with me as we fight together for a place that is going to transform because of Christ's sacrifice. 

And in the end, I would be left with a heart that is both sad and hopeful. And that, I believe, is how God's heart probably feels too.  

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