Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pictures of a Beautiful Week

I could write out everything about the last week but that would probably bore you and you would tune out somewhere in the middle and go eat a sandwich instead. So I will give you pictures and hope that you can read the story better that way.

The whole AYM Staff/Family together for a delicious meal. 

Some awesome moms came and spent the week with us. We took them on a tour of the reservation and got to share about our work, passions, and home. 

The hat switch!

Hat switching is not my favorite, but I let go and went with it. 

Isn't my team so cute? 

These mamas served us so well for a whole week. We ate a TON of delicious food and got our fill of hugs and love. It was the biggest of blessings. 

Caitlin left for Oregon! I shed a few tears but I am so proud of her as she embarks on this adventure. (She is holding a bag of snacks, because we all know that I think snacks are the most important thing to pack.) 

Over the weekend we remembered what it was like to live in the real world. We went to Phoenix for a week of birthday fun and started it off with some country two-stepping. 

THEN I discovered my new love for sushi. Who knew it was so delicious!? 

We ended by climbing Camelback Mountain, which included a lot of boulder/rock climbing. It was incredible. 

I also discovered a love for spandex pants. Seriously, they are so comfortable.  
I am definitely becoming a "mountain woman" (my dad's words), which makes me so happy. I never knew I was capable of being athletic, but I love it!  

So there you have it. It was basically one of the most fun, best weeks and weekends of my life. From good food and lots of hugs, to climbing mountains, going out dancing, and drooling over froyo, it was a beautiful reminder of the fun this life can entail. 

Hiking mountains and looking good doing it.

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