Thursday, August 6, 2015

God in the Target Line

A few months ago I went to Pasadena for a couple of days. I was at Target (because of course that is my first stop when I return to civilization) in line buying a pillow for my couch. As is my usual MO I began telling the cashier that I worked on an Apache reservation and therefore needed to buy this pillow (strong logic).

As I was explaining my work the lady behind me started asking me more questions. Was I in social work? What kind of kids did I work with? The conversation continued as we left the check-out line. She turned out to be studying pastoral burn-out and she asked if she could pray for me.

We stood outside of Target in Pasadena and she prayed a prayer straight from the Spirit. The words she prayed were just what I needed, and she referred to situations I had never mentioned. As she prayed I felt my spirit lifted. God cared enough to send someone to give me His words of comfort. God loved me that much.

As I thanked her she exclaimed how it was God-ordained that we ended up in the checkout line at the same time. She had been driving around a school she wanted her daughter to go to, 7 times around because she felt God tell her to do so. On the 3rd time around she got worried that the crossing guard would think she was crazy so she started taking the longer loop around as she prayed. That put her at Target later than expected.

I had been on the phone unexpectedly with my dad so I had spent an extra 15 minutes in the placemats aisle.

And because of this we ended up in the checkout line at the same time.

Her words spoke of transitions into a new season. She spoke about being too hard on myself and of the graciousness of God. She spoke of His plan that He had already laid out for me and His love for these kids that I love so much. She spoke the words that I needed to hear in that moment. She spoke the words the Holy Spirit had given her to comfort me. 

I was amazed that God took time to give words of comfort to someone so undeserving. I was so extraordinarily grateful to have His grace revealed and to return to work strengthened by His truth.

Who knew God would show up in the Target checkout line. :)

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  1. ...I am pretty sure He lives at the fayetteville walmart too...blessings....