Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cookies and Childhood

As a kid I always loved when my mom made homemade chocolate chip cookies. I have distinct memories of rushing to the kitchen, the warm cookies sitting on wax paper, my mom by the oven as we scooped up as many as we could handle (or were allowed). By the end of the night you had eaten at least nine, but only admitted to five, and the whole house was happy.

I think a lot about what I have brought with me from that childhood home, what traits and examples I have grown into. Marriage brings to light a lot of the flaws and beauties that we learned through life and family, and it can certainly be both joyous and annoying. Cameron and I grew up so differently and we fight into and against all that we learned before we met each other. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and so much of what we know we have brought with us from our youth.

As I reflect on my own childhood I am moved toward thinking of my girls, the sweet teenage girls who are having children of their own this season.

These young ones haven't always had the easiest lot in life, and so much of what has been instilled in them will be instilled in the little ones they are now charged to raise. I hope to walk alongside them as much as possible, but those little ones are in their care and therefore the best thing I can offer is to lift up my prayers.

I pray that they, as new young moms, will be able to pass along only the good and the lessons learned. I hope that they can leave behind any times that they have not been treated well, or loved enough, or taken care of. That their memories of being tucked in as a child, of being held or hugged or encouraged, of laughter and joy, will be what they pass on to their children.

I pray that God uses their experiences to strengthen them, to put in them a determination to make a better life for the little one they will now spend their life raising. I pray for a better future for the sweet little innocent babies I get to hold in my arms, one where they don't have to fear abuse, where they don't have to worry about having nice clothes or enough food in their homes.

My prayer is that these little ones grow up with chocolate chip cookies.

Last night I made chocolate chip cookies at my house with my new husband and everything was happy. We've been through a bit of a rough patch but God has brought healing and love and a renewed joy to our lives.

And isn't that the prayer for everyone? That God will renew our joy, help us to learn from our mistakes, and bring peace to our surroundings.

I think I like the sound of that. 

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