Monday, December 19, 2016

How Cameron Saved Christmas

Do you have dogs? Dogs are great for the cuddly, happy to see you part but they totally suck when it comes to Christmas at my house. In my theory, dogs are like toddlers that you can leave outside all day without checking on them. Inside the house though, leave them for a second and bam! Things are broken.

In this case, my dogs decided they hate Christmas. Last year Bean was a puppy and ate all of the Christmas lights. Seriously she cut them all off by the outlet and chewed them up, lightbulbs and all. I have no idea how she is still alive.

This year, their first attack came in the middle of the night. While Cameron and I were happily sleeping and sugar plum fairies were dancing over our heads, our dogs were gleefully ripping up my Christmas presents. Not Cameron's presents, just mine.

With a start and a dash Cameron ran out to save my presents from their claws. Thankfully they were only interested in the wrapping paper, but man was I mad.

Fast forward a week and we have put a toddler-dog barrier around the tree to keep any doggie-Grinches away from my joy and happiness. So one night we come home all nonchalantly thinking that Christmas is safe and good.

But oh no, there is no such luck. There is a stench in the air that cannot be ignored. I search. And I search. And then I find it. One of the dogs has pooped (the gross kind) all. over. my. Christmas. presents.

Again, not Cameron's presents- oh no!- just mine!

As I start to lose my Christmas spirit and begin to channel my inner Scrooge, Cameron looks at me and says, "Why don't you just go stand on your porch for a while."

Ahh my porch.

My little front porch, thanks to my husband, has twinkly icicle lights hanging down from it. This in and of itself is a huge deal because I begged my dad for years to put up Christmas lights when I was a kid and he always refused. The neighbors, who we were close friends with, actually had their kids ask if we were Jewish or Muslim because our house was so dark at the holidays. Seriously.

So Cameron made my Christmas dreams come true when he said in the car one day, "Would you like me to put Christmas lights up for you?" Swoon.

So there I stood, on the porch of Christmas joy, breathing in the twinkles while he wiped poop from my presents, unwrapped them, and re-hid them so that he can wrap them again.

And that my friends, is how Cameron saved Christmas. 

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