Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Brief Glimpse into my January

It has been busy here in Pasadena! 80 degree weather, lots of people coming in to visit and one more coming before the week is over. January has certainly been a month of change, fun, new opportunities, and challenges. The beauty of the busy days though is that in the midst of it I have had some of those I love most here to do my crazy life with me. Let's recap so I can relive the fun:

Last week I was on the set of the FX show Justified with my best friend and her family.
This week I adventured around LA and watched movies with my most awesome brother.
Next week one of my best friends from college will be here for a four day sleepover, filled with ice cream, beaches, and quality time.

Three of my most favorite people, all the way from the East Coast, have been/will be here with me and it has been the silver lining on a wintery month (ok, its super sunny in California but the start of a new year always has its bumps).

So, that is the update (albeit brief) from the West Coast. If you feel like putting me on the prayer list I am working through some options for when I finish school this summer and I definitely need God's guidance. I also need a second wind to get me through these last six months of graduate school. This girl is getting tired!

Here is to a great finish to January and a hopefully less chaotic beginning of February. 2013, you have certainly come in running. 

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