Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Full Week (and also, I love line dancing)

Line dancing, Chick-fil-a, new friends, bagels, old friends. 
Work, class, tutoring, more class, and late night tater-tot runs. 
Laughing, dozing, eating, forgetting to eat. 
Friends episodes and good advice. 
Relationships, accountability, serving. 

All of these things fit into the past week of my life. I’m beginning to think that I have a tendency to fit too many things into 7 days, but even though it ends with me tired it is usually worth it. I have found that in running from place to place, and taking the time to fit friends into my schedule this quarter, means that I find blessings in the smallest things. It is the little things of each day that get me through, that give me confidence, that encourage me to pursue the dreams I believe God has given me. It is the kind word they probably did not even realize they said, the connections with home, the time spent resting and the time spent serving. Even in the midst of sheer tiredness I found so much joy in serving the homeless of my community at the Sunday Community Meal today. And there has been so much encouragement within the multiple opportunities I’ve had this weekend to share and articulate my vision and journey with others. (You all will be hearing about this vision soon so don’t worry. Exciting things are happening!) Anyways, as a new week starts I am tired but full. I am full of anticipation, contentment, joy, gladness, and appreciation. I am blessed with so much I don’t deserve, from the opportunity to study at Fuller to the means to go line dancing on a Saturday night. I am full with the joy of the Lord who has continually provided for my every need and who continues to surprise me with new joys every day. 

I am full because despite the bad in this world God continues to show me that 
He is good. 

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