Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life Decisions

Life decisions. Seriously. What a mess. You live your whole life as a kid, thinking about growing up, depending on your parents to tell you where to go and what is best, and then all of a sudden you are standing there, on your own, and your time has come. The future is now and you have to make the decision that changes the course of your life. Its pretty overwhelming. People have opinions and you have to sort through them like mail, throwing out the junk, holding tight to the important stuff, and always wondering about the small pile you don’t know what to do with. Time seems relative and you can’t quite figure out if three months is a while or a quick blip of passing moments. You think about all the little tiny details of every option, consider making a pros and cons list, and then ditch that idea because you are hungry and you will probably lose the list anyways. Life decisions. Bleck. 

Certainly it would be nice if God could just come down in a dream for a minute and tell you exactly how everything was going to work out and how you would make money, and if your dreams will come true, and if you will get to marry a good-looking man and have cute little babies, but that is unlikely. So you reach in your tool box, take out all the lessons you have learned in life so far, all that you know about the character of God, and all the stored-up encouragement you have left in there for times like these. You take out the map of life and you consider by what compass you are traveling, and what the point of all of this is anyways. And over time, the road seems a little clearer and a little less scary. 

Sure, the path of “success” seems like it would lead to a comfortable life, but looking through Scriptures one realizes that isn’t quite what we are called to. Sure, the thought of asking people to fund your salary sounds awful, but perhaps trusting in God’s provision would be a good thing. Through endless hours of contemplation and snack breaks, you begin to see what really matters. You begin to see the lives that could be changed if you just realize that God is providing the path, and you just got so caught up in the mode of transportation that you forgot to look for where you are going. You begin to realize that even though some people might be disappointed in you, and some may not understand your choices, there is only one judge, and one ruler who needs to approve. And though the path that becomes clear looks much more rocky than the path to “success” you realize that you will make it through. That there are people all along the way waiting to cheer you on and walk that path with you. 

Life decisions. Maybe they aren’t quite as hard as we think. 


  1. Awe! Sooooo beautifuL! I LOVE it!!!! :D :D :D

  2. ...you have the right Tool Box...you have the right Compass...you have the right Companion...you have the right Path...and if you are very very quiet...you can hear the echoes of others who have gone before you...most of all you can hear the voices of all the people who love you...you indeed are not alone...blessings and love elaine cc/ww