Monday, May 13, 2013

First Stop on the Support Train!

As they each prayed for me I could feel the binding that was happening through their words. It was as if by the power of the Holy Spirit their lives were becoming bound with mine, as if in that moment our hands became inextricably linked. The words they spoke over me poured blessings and promises into my worried soul. These declarations of peace, provision, and a fulfillment of God’s purpose seemed to travel through their arms and down to the tips of their fingers, each one burrowing its way into the crevices of my heart. It was in that moment that I truly knew and understood the power of the body of Christ. I understood that throughout my ministry on the reservation these people would be there to pick me up when I fall. Though not with their physical bodies, it would be their prayers, their support, and their thoughts that would sustain me.

This was the first stop on my support raising journey, and I never imagined being so blessed by the people to whom I explain my vision. I never imagined that I would be so encouraged and filled by my church family here in Pasadena, who have known me for such a short time but who love me like they have known me my whole life. It was a beautiful reminder that I am on a road of provision, of more than simply financial support. I am being filled up with wisdom, suggestions, words of affirmation, and love. Each person, each encounter, is another buoy added to my little boat in this large ocean, so that when I reach the Apache reservation I will be able to bring others into my boat, and we will not sink. We will rise above the waves and the storm, and we will be held afloat by those I have met along the way, those whose prayers and support have made all the difference in the world. 

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