Sunday, September 15, 2013


Dilemmas, a key component of life. Today I have two, or three, and they are basically all insignificant. But read on my friends, read on.

1. Having finally finished the "student" phase of my life (20 years baby!) I am now faced with a new conundrum- the doctor's office paperwork. In the convenient little box named "occupation" I always got to bypass any silly questions about ambition or relevance and simply put "student" but alas, now that is not an option. A new dilemma has arisen for the first time in 24 years! It is has been pretty hard to decide what my perfect new title shall be. Youth mentor was my latest pick, but I feel like I can do better, you know? I considered "holistic development practitioner" but that wouldn't fit in the box, and "youth minister" or "missionary" don't sound quite right either (although both of those options did get me a discount on my future dental work. woot woot!). The latest is "Apache youth advocate" but who knows, most likely every form I write in the US this year is going to have a different job title. I'm a grown-up. I guess I do what I want.

2. Transitions. I don't go to sleep early, but I've read a bunch of books, watched all the episodes of House Hunters International, finished my fundraising, finished my schoolwork, and I don't have a job (for three more days). I am definitely getting tired (although not literally, ha. ha.) of this little transitory stage. So I guess it is good to move on! But this is a whole new thing and the future is like a path up a mountain where I can't see more than five feet in front of me. I have to live day by day, but man, this little unknown, new job, new home, new place thing. . . not really my style. I know I gotta trust God in this, and I am super pumped, its just a weird little stage.

3. Also, I would like some cheesecake in the near future. But that's not really a dilemma, is it?

Well, there you have it. My I'm-basically-a-grown-up-but-not-really dilemmas. I think its high time I get to work, don't you? 

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