Monday, January 6, 2014

Praying for Peace

While spending a quiet few days in Pasadena, California two wise friends asked me if there was a theme they could be praying for this year, in terms of my ministry and my needs. It was such a seriously good question that I was taken aback a little bit. How do they even come up with this awesomeness?? But they hooked me in and I love the idea of a prayer theme.

So after a little bit of thinking I gave into the word that kept floating into my head: Peace. 

Peace, in all its definitions, means freedom. "Freedom from disturbance" "quiet and tranquility" "mental calm, serenity." Freedom...I love it.

As I consider the needs I work within I invite you all to join me and my fabulous two friends as we pray for peace in the White Mountains.

Here are some handy-dandy bullet-point prayers for your convenience:

1. Peace for my soul: Working in a high-risk environment can wear on a person. I need prayer for peace in my relationship with God and my understanding of His goodness amidst despair.

2. Peace for my mind: I worry about "my" kids a lot, knowing that if something happened to them I would not be able to recover. I need prayer for peace as I consider being a huge part of these kids' lives and take on everything that comes with that.

3. Peace for my heart: I need to rest in God. I need to rest in who He has made me and in the truth of His Scriptures. I need peace as I consider my impact here and the tools and gifts that I may or may not have to offer.

4. Peace for these students: For these kids, life is consistently unstable and not peaceful. They worry about their families, relationships, grades, and much more serious matters. Pray that they find peace and rest in God and in their interactions with AYM.

5. Peace for this community: The White Mountain Apache reservation has a very high crime rate and a very high suicide rate. Pray that this community finds peace in God and that crime and suicide would decrease.

6. Peace amongst spiritual warfare: I have never seen the spiritual battle as strong as it is here on the reservation. Pray for peace in this battle, that God will declare victory and all evil will be expelled. I believe that there is power in Jesus Christ and that this prayer can be answered.

At Apache Youth Ministries we hope that our youth center is a place of peace and that we become relationships of peace. Those six points should help lead me towards that. As different issues and concerns come up I will make sure to post them so that we can continually be praying, and I hope that you will join me in prayer this year.

Here is to "Shalom" in the new year. Love to you all :)

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