Friday, March 21, 2014

The Lie We Have Believed

We have all believed a lie. That this life is not about lives at all, but about satisfying our own desires. When we are at once consumed with buying more shoes or the newest technology, we quietly forget that people are dying. We forget that this world is not about making a better life for ourselves, but about saving others from an inevitable death if they are not told about Jesus Christ. We give into the lies and we forget our purpose. With just the smallest of desires, we lose our identity and walk like robots in exactly the wrong direction. Consumerism becomes the norm and it becomes radical to give up one's life and possessions to save the lives of others. It becomes radical to move to another country to build wells and schools, engaging with locals and learning their culture. It becomes annoying to be passionately vocal about Somalia or the Sudan or Syria. We write off those who harp on the needs of the world because we have become convinced that our biggest problem is the lack of a big enough home or a nice enough car. With such ease the devil gets us to switch the pertinent with the pretty and we ourselves, instead of simply being consumers, become consumed. Consumed with all the wrong things as the lives we were meant to live and the lives we were meant to save become a distant memory that we can't seem to place our minds upon. With such ease we forget our purpose. With such nonchalance we call ourselves Christians as we let our neighbors die because we were too busy being consumed to tell them about the life-saving power of Jesus Christ. 

We have forgotten that we have a choice. We fail to see that the priorities have been switched. And we weep as the world falls to pieces, lamenting the turn of events, forgetting that we were the ones that were meant to change them. 

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