Monday, June 23, 2014

A Letter for a Beautiful Girl

A few months ago I asked God for a picture for one of my students, a girl who I have been walking alongside in her journey to discover Christ. Its a beautiful picture of her worth, and all of our worth even amidst our brokenness. 

Perhaps it can speak to you as well. :) 

My dear sweet girl,

Sometimes when I don’t have words I ask God for a picture. So I prayed on the way home, and this is what I got for you.

You are standing out in a field, but you are not fully yourself. Instead of normal skin, your skin has turned into breakable porcelain, like that of a doll or a ceramic pot. You stand there, unable to move, because your skin has become so hard and you have become encased in this ceramic. Your face is sad. 

And then Jesus walks up to you. And ever so softly, he begins to touch your arms. And with each touch, though they are gentle and kind, your “skin” begins to break away, like shattering glass, revealing only your tissue and your bones. And tears fall from your eyes as you become exposed and the sharp wind touches that tissue and bones. There is pain in what is happening, but you look into the eyes of Jesus, and his kindness and his compassion tells you to trust him. His smile reassures you, and he holds you as your hard exterior breaks away. 

And there you are standing, just tissue and bones and broken bits of your doll-like exterior. And Jesus moves next to you and reaches out to hold your hand. Now in front of you both is God. And He looks at you with so much love and just a touch of sadness for your pain, and He begins to breathe on you. And you would think that the wind of His breath would hurt because you are so exposed without skin, but it doesn’t. It feels warm and sweet and it surrounds you and seeps into all of your broken places. And as His breath enters into and around you, something amazing happens. You begin to transform. What once was broken and hard is now soft and beautiful. You have been given new skin, and it is flawless. In fact, you are the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. And you are no longer wearing normal clothes. You are wearing the most marvelous, amazing, beautiful dress. It is white and a soft, light fabric, and it blows around you and glitters in the sunlight. With the breath of God you become new and even more beautiful (because you are beautiful as you are now too!) and whole again. You look down and touch your new skin, and you can feel that He has healed more than your outsides. He has healed your heart.

And when you look up, there is God. He reaches out His hands. And though they look so big and powerful, when He reaches to you He gently pushes your hair back and cups your face and His hands feel soft and they radiate of love. And in that moment, you close your eyes. And you have never felt more ok, more satisfied, more safe and more whole. He kisses you on the forehead and Jesus leans over to whisper to you,

See? I told you He loved you more than anything in the world.”

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