Monday, June 9, 2014

A Place In Their Lives

There is something so special about the bond God has given our AYM team with our students. We all attended Noah’s 8th grade promotion ceremony last week and afterwards were invited to his grandmother’s house for the reception. When we got there the extended family and friends were all present. The grandmother hushed the crowd for the prayer and then, referring to the food line, said, “Now Noah’s family goes first. Noah’s church family.” 

Isn't that powerful? What a privilege. What a privilege to be called family for these students. What a privilege that the one who takes care of Noah, an elder in the community (meaning she is to be respected), gave us that kind of honor and respect. What a revelation to realize that we have that kind of place in our students' lives. And what an amazing moment for my team- all non-Native, young, outsiders- to be honored among our student’s true family. 

Noah: “Meredith, you are my auntie, right?”

(Travis: “Yea! Yea! Me too!)

Me: “Thats right! I am your auntie! I’ve got lots of nieces and nephews around here.”

Noah (rather hushed and proudly) to Travis: “That’s us! We are the nephews!” 

You are my auntie. :)

Why yes, yes I am. And it is one of the proudest roles of my life. 

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