Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reflections on a Busy Jesus (and me)

We all know my life isn’t quite what one would call conventional

People often ask what a “typical” day looks like for me and I must admit, it is almost hard to describe. Each day brings new challenges, unpredictable conversations, and some sort of unexpected adventure. Each week can be like the top of the roller coaster before the hill. . . the anticipation is a mix of both excitement and uncertainty. But the days are slowly becoming more uniform and the relationships with our students more steady. And as I have always said since moving here, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else nor do I desire any different job or life. No, I could not have predicted this, but I would not change it even given the chance. I love this unconventional life. 

This past week the unexpected adventure I was thrown for a loop with was a nasty cold. My voice started to fluctuate between Minnie Mouse and a raspy young man, and though I was pretty miserable I loved that the students responded with the utmost compassion. Throughout the work days I was encouraged with an extraordinary amount of hugs and pats on the back. I got a lot of “aww Meredith, you are making me so sad!” and “you need to drink tea!” and “I hope you feel better soon!” It was funny to have the tables turned as the kids “took care” of me, when I usually try so hard to take care of them. It reminded me just how much I adore them and how lucky I feel to be a part of their lives (even though they drive me crazy quite a lot of the time!). 

It was during reading time last week at the Kennel when I was quietly working through my own battle of having so much to do and being miserably sick when one of our students who was reading Mark exclaimed loudly into the quiet, “Wow he had a lot of work to do!” 

Caught slightly off guard by this loud voice in the quiet reading atmosphere I asked, “Who? And what story?” 

He had been reading about Jesus feeding the 5,000 and he was honestly in awe of how busy Jesus always was as people followed him, everywhere demanding his attention. 

It was such a simple reflection and yet it moved my perspective. Never had I considered how busy Jesus was, how tired he must have gotten, and how much work he "had to do." As I considered this perspective I was reminded that the task list and the unexpected daily roller coaster was not made to overwhelm me, instead it was the significance of the work that was to keep me moving forward. It was the blessing of the interruptions and the unexpected, for these are the moments that open the door for God to move. 

As I see it, Jesus was a busy guy, but he never seemed to mind the interruptions and the people that looked to him for guidance and I want to be like that. I want to always take joy in the serving, in the giving, in the hugs and the interruptions. For what better task is there than to love on those that Jesus loved most? What better gift is there to spend our lives taking care of those who surround us in every day life, and to take joy even in the busyness? 

Oh yea. . . also I got to feed a tiger last weekend. It's a crazy fun adventure out here folks. :)

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