Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Art of Coming and Going

Today I drove away from Milledgeville for the last time. It was rather sad. Milledgeville has meant a lot to me. It is where I got out of the funk of moving to Georgia and found a wonderful set of friends. It is where I have made my college memories and where I have transformed into the woman that I am today as I write this. As I was driving down the long country roads to get to my house in Fayetteville I looked in my rearview mirror. When I did I saw the long and winding road I had come from. As I looked ahead of me, I saw the winding road to where I was going. I realized that the drive was parallel to where I am at this point in life. Behind me is a beautiful road that brought me to where I am today, and in front me is a beautiful road full of new possibilities. I don't know where it is leading, but the road ahead is just as beautiful as the road behind me. Georgia College is not gone. The beauty is that these roads are connected.  I take what I have been through and become with me on my journey. With the sadness of leaving comes the joy of coming.

It is a beautiful path, both coming and going.

Another part of today was leaving one home and coming to another. What a blessing to have multiple places to call home. I love being with my family, in my room, and with my memories. God has taken me to so many places, yet I will always have a home base that is ready to welcome me in with open arms. I feel like it will be that way in heaven. We will have called so many places home, but when we get there we will get that sigh of relief. That feeling that this really is home. That we are safe and happy and home. I think it will be amazing.

In other news I am in the process of signing the lease for my new apartment in Pasadena! I got offered the first apartment I asked for which was not expected at all and really showed God's provision. 341 square feet and expensive, but I am excited to have my own little place.

In all, God is good- the ups and the downs. He blessed me with a home at Georgia College, He has brought me home to be with my family, and He is leading me to what I may eventually call home in California.

I think I am becoming a master at coming and going.

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  1. Meredith, I always love to hear your point of view on life. You are very often an inspiration to me (and I know to many others)! Love you!