Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fish, Church, and a Wedding.

Hello my dear friends!

This morning I went to the fish market! I saw the biggest fish I have ever seen. They all stared at me before they got their head chopped off! Rajan made me promise that if he let me go I would still eat fish at the house. Haha, he knows me too well. I will post the pictures when I get home!

An answered prayer: The other day I was complaining to the Lord (yes, complaining and not praying) about my trip here. I wrote the words that I simply wanted companionship and responsibility and I left it at that. Later that day Rajan asked me if I could sing, and having this inablilty to ever say no I responded that I could and he decided I would sing in worship the next day. I was not exactly elated but I went to practice anyways. There I met two great guys about my age who both spoke English (it was for an English service) and we really hit it off. I had so much fun singing with them and they lead guy asked me to also invite the congregation to worship and pray after the songs. "You are giving me so much responsibility!" I responded, not realizing that this was exactly what I had asked the Lord for only hours earlier. Then throughout the day different groups of people kept popping up in the house. A woman and her friend that would be new to the church, who also spoke English. Next came a young couple from North East India. The man had come to India from Myanmar and they two spoke great English. I also learned to communicate with the deaf/mute cleaning man and I found out the grounds keeper who drives us sometimes also speaks some English! I had a great day, not realizing that this was all the companionship that I had asked the Lord for. It was not until a day or two later when I jumped up from my bed, suddenly realizing that it has been GOD's hand who worked everything out that day. I had tangibly seen Him answer my complaint. It was an awesome moment of clarity, that the Lord does hear our every thought and He does respond!

On Sunday church was great. I had so much fun helping to lead worship and I was really blessed by the service. They even asked me to sing again next week and I hope I can. It was a great experience to worship the Lord with believers in a church across the world from my home. The next day was the wedding here. It took 25 minutes and three helpers but I eventually got into my purple and gold saree and everyone was quite impressed! Generally here my hair is half dry, my face has no make-up, and I look a little unkempt. Everyone was amazed what a nice saree, some makeup, and a hairdo could accomplish! Everyone kept saying, "You look so cute in saree," or one friend said, "You look very very very very very nice." I think they were all amazed to see this huge white amazon woman in a saree. I did not mind the attention. haha. It was an interesting weddding with a very long ceremony, and I enjoyed the experience a lot. There were about 1000 guests in attendance! The bride and groom were very cute and there will be pictures of me with them in some wedding album in India for the rest of time. Kind of funny to think about...

All in all it is going really well here. I miss home but the Lord is working in my heart in ways He could not have in the States. This Saturday I start a whirlwind of Childrens Programs and some more Womens Seminars so my request is that you pray Philippians 6:19-20 for me: "Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words will be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should." I appreciate all of you that read this and I will report more soon!


  1. ...you are precious...precious...precious...in His sight...i love you! elainewilson/ccww

  2. What a great experience to worship with brothers and sisters in another culture. I think you forgot to mention how many people wanted their picture with you. I guess you are getting used to the paparazzi!