Thursday, August 11, 2011

Learning to Communicate

Good things to report my friends! On Tuesday I gave my second seminar (for a different group of women than the first seminar) on prayer, here in Kottayam. I was a lot more relaxed this time and I had added some more substance to my talk so I was feeling confidant (thanks to the Lord). And I am happy to report that it went splendidly! Although at 10am there were just two women, we ended with about 35, and I really feel that the Lord spoke through me. Near the end I had to fill more time so my translator Cindy whispered to me to add more as I went along, which was a daunting task, but the Lord filled me with things to say. The women were so responsive and four came forward to share afterwards. One even came forward to say that she had been encouraged by the Lord to get a group of women together to go around and pray for those who are hurting. The Lord spoke to her when I told them that as women they can make a difference through prayer. The funny thing is, is that I am the one teaching this women about the power of prayer, yet I feel that I am the one learning the most. These women have amazing stories of how the Lord has provided for them in times of need that I cannot even imagine. I have realized that I am a wimpy pray-er! We have life so easy in the States that we forget to pray for BIG things. We don't actually believe that God can miraculously heal the sick, and bring our friends to know Christ. I have really been challenged to have a more consistant prayer life asking for bigger things, thanking Him for more, and being more confidant that HIS response will be the right response, even if it is not what I want.

I have also been challenged in another way. All my life I have said I would give up anything and everything for the Lord, but now He has brought me somewhere where I really have to do that! It is so much easier to say it than to do it. I think I finally can understand the song "Lead Me to the Cross." It says, "rid me of myself, I belong to You," and "Everything I once held dear I count it all as loss." Man, this stuff is not easy! Am I really willing to give up my comfort? My cleanliness and hot showers? My habits? My appetite? Even communication with my family and friends? These are the questions the Lord has been asking me, and I have been struggling with them. A quiet suburban life in the States really looks appealing right now! But then I remember. This life is not for my comfort and desires. We have one reason we are here- to build disciples that know and love the Lord. Am I really willing to disobey the call of Christ because I don't like to sweat? Or eat spicy food? It seems futile to desire these things in the midst of a country where less than 3% are Christians. I am not saying that I now love all the hardship and swing into difficulty- it still stinks a lot of the time! But perspective is everything and I am thankful for this trip and the teaching the Lord is doing through it. I feel closer to Him than ever, as He says to me, Meredith, are you really willing to do this?

In other news I rode a boat yesterday and that was fun. I also have seen an elephant, run across a busy  road (don't worry mom, I held someone's hand), and gone to the market to buy bananas. Pretty thrilling life :) Sunday I will go to church and then Monday I am going to a wedding so that will be a fun post for sure. Please pray that the Lord will continue working in my heart and that I will not resist Him. Pray for my relationships with those around me- that they would transcend the language barrier.

I miss and love all of you! Fight to keep perspective of the bigger picture as you go through life today. Praise the Lord that He never gives up on us!

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