Friday, August 12, 2011

A really good story....

The other night I got a chance to finally skype with my parents. I had not actually spoken to them with our voices since I left the States so it was a joyous occasion. Dad and I were even genius enough that we called Mom at work and put her on speaker phone so she could join the conversation too! Needless to say, we were pretty proud of ourselves. By the time I finished talking with them it was about 8pm and I knew it would be about time for dinner. (At this point let me set the stage of where I am. To get to the computer I leave the house, walk across the drive, in a door on the side of the church, up some steps and down a short hallway to the office.) I look into the hall and notice there are no lights on and it has gotten dark. So being a genius I find a light switch, turn on the light, and head downstairs. Now here it gets tricky. The bottom of the stairwell is dark, but I know where the open doorway is supposed to be. As I head to leave though, instead of air I hit solid wood. I realize that the door is closed. No problem, right? Wrong. As I try to open the door it won't budge. Being smart again, I just figure it is stuck, so I try to pull and push harder. No luck. I run my fingers along until I find a light switch, turn it on, and realize the truth- I have been locked inside the church. Now this was a bit disconcerting because there is no other way out and I am trapped. I have no phone or way to call the house butI realize I can open the window next to me. Sadly, I cannot jump out the window because it has bars, but I can look out the window. Unfortunately I see no one. I do see the little boy in the house and try to wave at him, but he doesn't see me. At this point, I wonder if I will miss dinner (it is the important things I worry about, you see.) because obviously I have been forgotten about. Just as I am wondering how long it will take to grow out my hair Repunzel style or convince a mosquito to act as a homing pigeon, I see someone coming. Now I switch to thinking how I will communicate in sign language that I have been locked inside a tower to someone who does not speak English. But lo and behold! It is the ONE person I know in all of Kerala, other than my family, that speaks English! I yell, "T-Jo!!" He sees me in the window and politely says, "Oh hello! How are you?" (Apparently not realizing that I am a prisoner). "Great!" I reply, "But they locked me in the church..." He laughs (naturally) and runs to get a key and save me from my peril. T-Jo. Perfect timing. My knight in Indian armor. It really was amazing that it was him who came out of the building next door, so this post is dedicated to you T-Jo! Thanks for saving me from 3min of peril and distress! haha

On another quick note I went to a prayer and fasting meeting yesterday. It was really cool to see people praying for hours and really dedicated to speaking with the Lord. Usually we all try to be busy during prayer meetings so we don't have to go, but as I sat on the floor people shared stories of how they had been praying that God would let them be able to come to the meeting. It was of the utmost importance to them. It was a very cool experience for me to be a part of and really made me aware of what prayer is supposed to be like.

My time here is a blessing but I miss all of you! Until next time!

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  1. too bad you cut your hair before you left for India. How could anyone forget you? YOur presence is like electricity!