Sunday, April 29, 2012

Older, I mean, Wiser

Who is ready for a happy post!? Wooo! Me!!

Just a few hours ago I was standing by the "lunch" section at Trader Joe's trying to make a very important decision. As I stood there for a good three minutes trying to decided which salad(s) I should buy, a nice old man was standing next to me attempting to do the very same thing with sushi. We were both there for quite a while, taking our time with the decision as if it would actually make a significant difference in our lives, when finally he turned to me and commented on the dangers of shopping when you are hungry. I agreed and we laughed and it was a pleasant moment. In fact, a lot of people were pleasant in the grocery stores today. It made me have hope for our world. . .or maybe we were all just happy to be fed.

At any rate, my oh so deep conversation with sushi man made me realize how little interaction I have with , dare I say, older people in my California life. At Fuller "old" is your classmate in their thirties. All the time I am with young people, which of course can be super fun, but sometimes I miss interacting with people of different generations. For instance, let me shout out to my Christ's Church ladies and gents. It is always such a joy to converse with (eeek the word!)....shall I say, the wiser generations, and to cross the generational divide with hugs and sequined sweaters. I feel like being around other generations makes me feel loved and taken care of. I learn so much from people who are my parent's age or older. Being around young people all the time makes me feel like, well, like the world might revolve around whether or not we should buy pizza and (at seminary) what the eschatological something or other means.

 I guess what I mean to say is, life is more full when one gets to be friends with people of all ages. Those of every generation have something to teach the others, and yes, even my generation might have something to teach too. It is a joy to be able to have grandmothers and uncles and surrogate parents, even if they are not technically related to you. And it is a joy to have my brothers and sisters too.

So praise be to God for my great big all around the country (and the world) family. You guys make my world so much more full, and you all make me feel so loved. Consider yourselves hugged. 

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  1. ...sequined sweaters!!!...i don't think i have ever owned a swequined sweater in my life...but my goodness...i can tell you that i am so humbled...if not completely floored (there is an ancient/southern expression) to be thought of as wise...oh were writiing about that other sunday school class...the only one older than the one i am in...happy you had a happy day...happy is good...Jesus likes happy...i love you hugs elaine/ccww