Thursday, April 5, 2012

Phones and water don't mix? Oops.

I recently took a trip down history's lane. To the days of old, I went, back to the time before cellphones. For 35 hours I had no phone, and let me tell you, I kind of loved it. Now would probably be a good time to say that I did not take this experiment by choice, although the circumstances were rather funny. Out of some sort of weird skill or sheer accidental talent I somehow managed to drop my cellphone in a glass of water. Yes, that's right, a glass of water. I don't know how it happened exactly, all I remember is sitting down, pulling out my phone, and plop! right into the glass of water on the ground. In the moment I gasped (or maybe said some choice words I won't repeat) and then looked up at my roommate as we began to laugh. After 5 seconds that felt like 20 I then remembered that cellphones don't actually do well in water so I proceeded to grab my phone and run around the apartment squealing "rice! rice! I need rice!" We laughed so hard we could not stop. Sadly that small swim killed my dear phone and everything on it, but the laughter that came from the moment made it worth it. Today I did get a new phone, and it was a slight ordeal, but really it is all about perspective. I could have gotten upset about the situation, but with a global perspective and with an eternal perspective, little things like this don't even matter. Come to think of it, it was probably good for me to go 24 hours without texting. And it is good to laugh. How much better is life if we find reasons to laugh when things go wrong? Or what if we just let out a good cry, then go out with a friend and realize that relationships are what make those moments better?

You see, in two of my classes we have been talking about the idea of God and people as relational. In one class we are talking about the reciprocating self, meaning that as the Trinity is a mutually beneficial and reciprocating relationship, so should be human relationships. In another class we are talking about a covenantal God and the importance of community, and the relationship between obedience and blessing.  As God is relational, and as we are made in God's image, so should we be in relationship with others. When we combine both particularity and relatedness, we get to keep our uniqueness while being joined in beneficial relationships. And our lives are more meaningful for this is how God created us! When my roommate can laugh with me, when she can let me cry and gripe about something, and then when I can do that for her, that is what God intended for us. That is why I can laugh about my phone, because it is about so much more than a phone!

God has made us in His image, and when we strive to be more like who He created us to be, I truly believe we will be more fulfilled. So the challenge here is to try and build reciprocating relationships. Give and take, unity and uniqueness. Laughter instead of frustration. Go hug your brother or your friend. Go live with the full range of glorious emotions we are given. And laugh. Laugh a lot. For don't they say that laughter is the best medicine?

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