Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So. Tired.

So. Tired. So. Tired. So all I have for you is this:

1. My Human Development class has taught me two things this week:
Hugs are good. 
Relationships are life. 

Obviously it was more complicated than that but I was not listening so well and I think both those things are pretty good to know. So go hug someone and have lunch with a good friend. It will reduce your stress, make you happier, and make you feel more secure. Or something like that.

2. Ellen. Ellen Degeneres. When this week is over I will tell you a story about Ellen.

That is all you get for now. So sorry.

Now to finish a presentation/take a shower/go take care of a baby/give a presentation/collapse.

Three days until this madness is over. 

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