Sunday, October 28, 2012

A rambling that seems to have a shopping theme.

Is it that time again? The time of the week where I procrastinate and write to you instead of doing the myriad of tasks I should be doing? Ah yes, I think it is that time. Well, let's see. I could report on my state of life, shall I do that? Ok, well then, I just realized I have my shirt on backwards (thankfully I haven't left the apartment since I changed into it), I discovered I have a deep love for grocery shopping (not just because I like to eat), and I woke up at 6am yesterday to go shopping (women turned into vultures and everything was four dollars!).

Let me start from the beginning.

Don't be worried, I have a history of wearing my clothes backwards on accident. In elementary school it was the red gingham dress made out of the extra material from my curtains. In college it was the sequined dress that had a confusing neckline. So really I am not going to worry too much that my lack of sleep is impacting my sanity seeing as I seem to just be continuing a rather unfortunate trend.
And speaking of clothes yesterday I went to one of L.A.'s finest treasures, a sample sale (See here for last year's sample sale review). Clad in our try-it-on-in-public outfits of leggings and tanks we trekked into Los Angeles for a warehouse sale where everything was four dollars. The experience was ridiculous. The doors open and women pour in and just start grabbing things and throwing them into the huge bags we are given. There is no grace, love, or excuse me's, just sheer force and frenzy. The theory is, once you have a full bag you circle up with your gal pals, try everything on, switch around what doesn't fit, and then let some other group go through your reject piles. It is intense. I ended up with a shirt and a cute dress. I got a little overwhelmed.
And speaking of shopping, grocery shopping is my new favorite hobby. I realized this week that when I need to detox the best cure is a walk around the grocery store (Preferably Trader Joe's or Whole Foods). Or when I need food, I go then too. The bonus is that I seem to make a lot of friends in grocery stores. I don't know how but I always end up having conversations with strangers. My face must say "I'll listen to you, tell me your life." This week it was old ladies (coffee tastes better when someone else makes it), Whole Foods workers with ear tattoos (showing me their favorite frozen food), or my favorite, the short Polynesian man who wanted to discuss the effects of gluten and the trail of my necklace->Kenya->pastor father->I must be a church-going girl. Hilarious. At any rate I love grocery shopping.

And that's all you get for tonight. Eventually I should be able to tell you in detail how the Liberation Theology of Gustavo Gutierrez relates or doesn't relate to small Christian communities in Africa (30 page paper anyone?), but I think for now you will just have to settle down and contemplate how to get me to stop wearing my clothes backwards. 

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