Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear finals week, I truly dislike you.

Well, my finals are finished. Its been a crazy week of unwashed clothes, strange meals, and people on campus looking seriously haggard, but all I have left is one quick revision and a trip to slip my (hopefully well-written) paper under my professor's office door. It has definitely been the most stressful, crazy finals week of my life and I don't say that lightly. Never have I worked so hard and so long on anything, in fact I don't even want to count the hours I spent on this paper! It has to be in the hundreds! Honestly the reason I worked so hard was because I want my professor to be proud of me and proud of my work. My professor is one of the most gracious and kind grandpa-sort of men and his class was such a joy.  (This was the class where I was the only girl, asserting my awesomeness and knowledge in a class of boys, half of whom are getting their doctorates in church history.) In truth, I am really going to miss this seminar. Ok, I am not going to miss the insane workload or the works of Jurgen Moltmann, but I will miss getting to dive into seriously intellectual conversations for three hours each week. It was such fun...well, mostly.

So, you ask, whats next for me? Well, on Monday I plan on spending the entire day in my pajamas, watching movies, and eating macaroni and cheese. Then its a week of work, babysitting, Christmas performances with the orchestra at church, and perhaps some cookie baking. Then, surprise! I am coming home again. Hopefully on this trip I will get to count all my blessings and spend time with many beautiful and amazing people that I get to call friends. 

And for right now? Well, I am going to sleep, feeling much more calm and confident. 

Good-bye finals week, I won't miss you. 

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