Friday, December 28, 2012

What Duck Dynasty Taught Me About Men.

I've fallen in love.....with Duck Dynasty. Why have I not watched this before?? Ok, well, that would be because I live on the West Coast and don't have cable, but thankfully my good friend Jess and her lovely parents took me in and introduced me to this gem. I was in love within the first five minutes. First of all, their beards are ridiculously awesome. I'm not a fan of facial hair but I must say that anyone would be impressed with those beauties. Second of all, though they are totally crazy, there is something seriously attractive about a country man. The camo, the gun shooting, the mud and four There is a confidence in those men as they take charge, shoot beavers, and come together to pray over a family meal. Call me crazy, but I will just go ahead and say it, something about those guys is genuinely attractive, past the kind-of-gross-but-impressive beards.

Therefore, being such a sophisticated and intelligent show, it led me and my delightful friend to contemplate men (a worthy and interesting contemplation). There are a lot of good things I could say about men, but what she and I lamented were the lack of strong men in our generation. I know the days of Beaver Cleaver are gone, and I am all for women being strong and independent (just look at my life), but I think that some men have forgotten what it means to be a real man. In my generation there aren't many boundaries. Trust me I would know, seeing as I basically asked out my first boyfriend. I think that in the midst of Facebook, texting, and skyping in your pajamas, my generation has forgotten what it means to step up to the plate, not just in dating, but in professional situations too. We have forgotten how to be respectful, how to have manners, and I think a lot of guys have forgotten how to pursue a woman with honor and integrity. We are slowly losing the ability to be professional, to carry ourselves with poise and grace, and to be strong leaders. And it is resulting in strong women and no men to match them.

People ask why I haven't dated much in my life, and the answer is that I am looking for a man who can lead me both spiritually and in everyday life. I am looking for a man willing to pursue me, a man who has plans for his life and who is willing to take the steps to get there. To be honest, I have met very few of those kinds of men. Of course I won't bitterly generalize that my whole generation is full of men that need to step up. I have known and still know some fabulous and amazing men who are great examples of what a godly man should be. But being the brutally honest person that I am, I feel it necessary to call it as I see it. My generation needs more men, willing to provide for a family, willing to step up and ask a girl out on a date, or pay for her lunch even if it isn't a date. The world needs more gentlemen who know how to respect a woman while not putting her down as weaker or incapable. Some may say I am a contradiction, wanting to be seen as strong and capable yet expecting men to open up the door, but I see it is as the perfect middle. I believe that men can respect and honor a woman by acts of service while also respecting her intelligence, her ability, and her character.

And all of this comes from watching 3 episodes of a show about a family who created a duck call. The things you learn in the South.


  1. Fabulous, Meredith :) Very well said!

  2. Love this & love and miss you!!!!

  3. What a great read sister : ) Nice work!!!

  4. Meredith, I knew you when you were just little, in Northampton, England. What a beautiful young women with great character you've grown up to be!
    Pat SCholz