Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blessings and Bravery

Ok, have you been held in suspense for long enough? Are you tired of my vague language and allusions? Alright, alright, I will fill you in on alllllll the deets (well, not everything...since you probably don't care that I just ate delicious teriyaki wings and am considering buying a new lamp).

Where to begin, where to begin.

Let's just jump right in.

The other night I received word of an amazing blessing, a huge donation, that covers my ministry budget for the entire year. It was perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to me because it was such a work of God. It was a feeling of the truest gratitude and amazement that 2 people in this world believe in the work God is doing among the Apache so much that they were willing to make such an amazing investment. I was definitely the closest to speechless and dumbstruck as I ever have been or ever will be. It was like a big neon light flashing, "We believe in you! God has plans for you! This is where you are supposed to be!" It was fantabulous (I made that word up, but it fits. You can use it if you want).

So just like that our prayers were answered above and beyond what I could have even imagined or thought of to ask for. I was prepared to go on the field at 80%, but in one fell swoop I was thrown right past that to land at 90%.

And that donation was just one of many that have been such affirmation of what God has called me to do. Every week I am amazed, flabbergasted even (now that's a good word) at the generosity and support I am receiving. Truly, our God is one that continually surprises.

Soooo.....All of this blessing means that I have officially booked my ticket back to Arizona so I can get to work. I leave on September 19th! And in the coming weeks will be continuing with my fundraising efforts, believing that I will be at 100% upon departure.

God is good, can I get an amen?

Before I close off I want to leave with this thought: Tonight I had dinner with two people who have been very formative in getting me to where I am today. They are seriously encouraging and I basically adore spending time with them, but among all the lovely things they said this one stuck out: they called me brave. I really tucked that one close to my heart, the idea that following God into this uncertain future, into a calling that will require work and grit, shows bravery. I felt a little like this:

(I do actually really want a bow and arrow)

But when I considered the idea of me being brave, I realized that the reason I can do that, the reason that I can have the confidence and courage to answer this calling, is because for my entire life I have had people like you guys cheering me on. In this last year I have had so many people encouraging me, reminding me of God's plan, and supporting me with great passion. You guys have been so excited for me, and that joy and excitement seeps into all that I am and pushes me forward. I go into the unknown with my head held high because you guys have made me believe that I can be brave. I recently wrote an essay about bravery, and the main thing I figured out is that being brave is all about who you are surrounded with, and man, God has surrounded me with some of the best human beings on the planet.

So I just want to pause for a moment to make sure you all know how much I love you, and how much your support is a part of this journey and this calling.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, and thank you for making me brave. 

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