Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Goodness of Crazy

Lately I have been talking a lot. And balancing balloons on my nose. And jumping up and down. And eating jellybeans.

And no, this was not at our youth center. This was at my house.

All this goes back to what my good friend Eleanor once told a new friend of ours when I asked her what 2 things he needed to know about me.  She said:

1. I am risk averse. (this one does not apply here)

2. Sometimes I can go a little crazy. (this one does)

Call it the sugar, call it the extroversion. . .both probably play a good part in it (because I mean, really, we shouldn't leave a bowl of jellybeans in our house. It can be 8am or 8pm and I am always going to walk by it and go "oooh!! Jellybeans!" and then my tongue will turn permanently starburst red).

But I have concluded that above all that, I've been going a little nuts lately because. . .wait for it. . .


Wow. Deep, right?

But seriously. These past 7 months have been all ups and downs, culminating in a pretty big realization of the depth of the down at the beginning of this month. But then, because God is so nice, things started looking up. And I spent time with good people, and I began to rekindle my relationship with God, and honestly, when things got better with God, everything else got better too.

There is something to that whole God is light thing. Everything seems brighter and happier now that God and I are friends again. And when I see how God is moving and when I am reading my Bible, I actually become brighter and happier.

And I begin to not care about the little things and the insecurities anymore. Instead I throw balloons at my teammates, force them to play boardgames, and wear basketball shorts under my Easter dress so I can do random high kicks if I want to.

Its a good life people. And I don't mind if it makes me a little crazy. I like to think that actually makes me more fun.
Having fun at the Kennel, because why not??

Proof of the jellybean tongue and a little bit of crazy. . .or maybe a lot :)

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