Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Understanding True Joy

If there is one thing I have learned since moving to Whiteriver (and I have learned a lot) it is perhaps the true meaning of joy. 

 It is hard to believe that in the midst of a hurting community, in the midst of learning to deal with such pain, that one could feel that life is the best that it could possibly be. It is hard to reconcile the life of a missionary working with kids that break your heart everyday as an excitedly happy life. Certainly a lot of my writings deal with my struggles as I engage with my work environment, but the struggles do not negate the joy. There is a certain kind of happiness that comes from doing exactly what God wants you to do, and serving Him wholeheartedly in the place to which He has led you. Days can be tough and each week might leave me with more questions than answers, but I have never felt more at peace in a place. I make so many mistakes, I have to work through so many hard situations, but this community has become my community, this tribe my people.

It is sort of like a quiet hum of energy that runs through my system, radiating a feeling of true unity with the will of God.  It is the slight push that is always there to whisper, "this is the life." And its true. This is the life. To be a part of God's mission and to be surrounded by His fantastic creation is better than any path I could have chosen for myself. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to be challenged toward a deeper understanding of His joy.

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