Friday, August 29, 2014

My Hardcore Life

Life is good.

Today I am taking some of our kids to the fair down on the reservation. It is the one really big event for our tribe and the kids even have the day off of school. I am definitely going to be trying some blue corn mush and some acorn stew. I am also looking to avoid riding any swirly rides after I eat said things.

Also I learned jiu jitsu yesterday.

And I bought a tent.

So I am basically becoming hardcore.

After a lifetime of "I don't work out" and "I don't camp" I have officially unleashed the beast and am loving both of those things. It feels good to feel strong and to use my muscles for what they were made for. It is quite empowering. Plus I learned how to take my roommate down yesterday, so if she doesn't do the dishes I can just beat her up. Important stuff.

In other news, last weekend I took a spontaneous road trip with a few friends to the great state of Californ-i-a. The conversation was basically, "Man, we should go to the beach." "Let's do it." "Ok." It was awesome. We camped by the ocean and it was the best 2 days I've had in a while. It was just the rest we needed after 2 busy weeks of a new school year (well, the 20+ hours of driving were pretty exhausting but it was still worth it). Our toes in the sand, the sun drenching our skin, camping out and walking around town. . .it was really close to bliss. I even got to catch the La Jolla farmer's market, so I was a happy camper (literally...ha ha).

So there you have it. I am now an in-shape, hiking, camping, strong gal who lives in the mountains. Pretty funny if you look back on my number 1 characteristic in this blog post from 2011. I'm perhaps one step closer to who I always pretended I was in my head. Hooray for that and hooray for God always being full of surprises!

Let the adventures continue!

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