Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Revolutionary Action

“Why do you need to be spending time with God every day?”

“Because my job is really draining.”

“No,” he replied. 

Crap, I got the wrong answer in front of the pastor, I thought. 

“You need to be spending time with Him because He is your daddy. You need to be spending time with Him because He is your breakfast, your water, your sustenance. If we are only spending time with Him because of our profession, then we have it all wrong. We need to be spending time with Him because He is life.”

Oh yea. Mind. Blown.

“So you are starting tomorrow, right?”

“Oh, uhhh, yea!”

It was a conversation that changed the entire trajectory of my year. It had been a long summer and most of my encounters with our pastor had included some tears, mostly from exhaustion. But what Pastor Ernie made me realize was that my exhaustion, my inability to cope, came not just from the overwhelming nature of our overbooked summer schedule. It came because I was trying to serve a God with whom I was not spending any time.

So the next day I pulled out my Bible and sat in a comfy chair on my porch. I began where I had left off in my ill-fated attempt to read the whole Bible. I sat down with Joshua. And each day I sought out to begin my mornings in the same way. 

And I began to feel the difference. I began to pray more, for people I know and people I don’t. I began to pray with passion and determination, truly believing that God was moving and listening. My perspective on life began to change, and in the places where I had been struggling on my own, I began to see God so clearly.  Opening my mind to the Word opened my life to the movement of the Spirit, and opened my eyes to see that God had been all-around all-along. 

It was as if life came from those pages. It was as if God was sitting down next to me as we took in the truths of His goodness. It was the light of a calm spirit as I watched and experienced His truth come to fruition in my life and ministry. 

Where there was blindness there was now sight. Where there was despair there was an unrelenting hope. And it all came from spending time, intentionally, each morning, with my Creator.

Revolutionary, right? :)

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