Monday, November 12, 2012

My 201st Post. Woohoo!


My last post was my 200th post. 200! Wow! Can you believe what a journey we have been on in 200 posts? I mean, recently I have been thinking that my posts lacked a certain fervor, or really, have been quite lacking in the interesting or worthwhile department, but maybe, with the knowledge of 200 posts propelling me forward, I will begin to enrich your lives again with my wit and insight. We shall see.

As for my two-hundred-and-first post all I have for you is that I am stressed. In fact I had written this really great post about how not being stressed is the key to life when I realized that would be pretty holier-than-thou to publish when I'm losing sleep over the amount of things on my to-do list. Maybe I should read my own blog posts and advice. Actually sometimes I do read my own blog posts and I find myself really funny.

But for all my Georgia readers...I'm coming home on Friday! And then I am going up to Tennessee where Fall will be in full color and cold weather, my family will be together, and I just can't wait! It has been two years since I have seen my extended family and our Thanksgiving get together always proves to be memorable. I'm sensing foot-long corndogs and mini golf in my long as I get to wear my trendy fall clothing I'll go anywhere! (This 80 degree endless summer isn't my cup of tea).

So there you have it. A 201st post full of not much wit and a little insight into my life.

East Coast, I'll see you soon! 

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