Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Life of a Nomad

"Not all who wander are lost," they say. They tell you, "travel the world!" But no one seems to write an inspirational magnet about the wandering getting tiresome. They don't tell you about the process of packing your bags and the anxious waiting for the next place to make itself known. When young and irresponsible the nomadic life seems full of adventure and dashing young men, but in truth it brings a rich life and a poor bank account. 

Yet I'm a walking dichotomy. I don't want to sit still or settle down. I want to travel and have new adventures. At the same time I want a home and a family and a bank account with at least one more zero at the end. 

So what is there to do, other than pack my bags one more time, and pray that all this wandering will eventually lead me to where I am supposed to be. What is there to do other than enjoy each piece of the journey, no matter how small or short, and throw my hands up in resignation about my future. 

The experiences of my nomadic life have come together to make me who I am today, so I must not whine about the downfalls to nomadic life. I must thank God that I have life at all. 
And one day, when I am settled in my own adorable house, with a handsome man and adorable children (dreams sometimes come true!) I will remember these nomadic days fondly, forgetting the tiredness and simply remembering how full life truly was. 

Wandering the Smoky Mountains with family on one of those blessed trips home. 

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