Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Crazy World of Sleep

I recently had a dream. Not like a "I have a dream" kind of dream but the normal "I'm sleeping but my brain is still running" kind of dream. I have to say my dreams are basically like living with my eyes closed and sometimes I am amazed at my brain. If I am really into reading a book or certain schoolwork I will dream in books or schoolwork, like for a while I was basically writing these really good books in my sleep but I always forgot them when I woke up. Such a shame. Anyways, I digress. Here was my dream:

The dream began with someone parking my car so that I could go to some royalty event where I stood in for Lady Such-and-Such and wore a gorgeous ball gown and waved to the crowds, much to the chagrin of the Royal brother (that was all from tv I have watched recently). But when I woke up the next morning one of the ladies rushed in to tell me that we had forgotten about my car and that I probably had a ticket because we had left it there too long. In a panic we frantically started looking for my car but I had no idea where it was parked. We called the other Lady and then eventually I looked out a window and saw it. I ran as fast as I could, to my relief realized that I didn't have a ticket because the 2-hour parking didn't start until 11, and I got in my car.

*Here is where you should start using your interpretation skills*

I then proceeded to back out of the spot when I realized that the peddles weren't working. I had my foot pressed hard on the brake and I tried to restart the car, and again, but nothing happened. Then the car started to roll backwards. I hit the brakes hard but it didn't make a difference, and I realized that I was going to hit a pole or fall into a little creek. Not wanting my car in a creek I turned the wheel another direction, toward the road. I was hoping to steer onto the road and start going down it without getting hit but instead my car flew over a hill, over the road, and straight into a raging ocean. I remember thinking, "Well Meredith, I hope you know how to get out." But as my car hit the water, I closed my eyes, and calmly realized that I wasn't going to do anything at all.

Then I woke up.

I tried to miss the creek and ended up in the ocean....what does this mean???? I have decided that I must have control issues, hence the lack of control in the car (as a kid I always dreamed my siblings were driving and I would freak out).  Maybe the message is that when I try to gain some semblance of control I find out I had even less than I thought. That or I have recently tried to avoid a "creek" and am heading towards the "ocean." Goodness gracious I sure don't hope it is that last one. Or if we take it literally maybe I should check my brakes before I leave the parking garage...

Any thoughts? 


  1. First thought: Ezekiel's vision (ch.47). The first part sounds like you're afraid of Pasadena parking (with good reason!). The second part sounds like you are getting deeper/wetter and not sure what this means yet. And yet, you're calm about it which means you're either "okay" with these developments or it can be seen in juxtaposition with the craziness of the car not having brakes. That is - You have every reason to be scared, and yet you're okay. Sounds like a good thing, like you're growing up.

    1. I have had these dreams and it is such a relief to wake up from them. I definitely think it is about feeling like your life is out of control, or that you can't control your life.