Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Post About Love Love Love.

Do you realize how much love we are capable of? Who do you love? I think of my niece. I haven't seen her in almost a year but I look at pictures of us together and I love her so much I know that in a heartbeat I would take her in to live with me, no matter the challenges. I would do anything for that little girl. Or I think about my only brother. He might be my favorite person in the world. I was so sad when he left after his week visit because spending time with him is so fun. 

And I will be honest, I did a heck of a lot of dishes while he was here and I hate doing dishes. But I didn't mind because I love him and I was so happy to be with him. And then there are the people that aren't family. The little one that I nanny- I love that little boy as if he was my own. Or my friends that take time to visit or call, I would defend them with my own life. 

When I am with these people I feel a sort of love that changes my actions, that leads me to serve and to have grace and forgiveness. I want to protect these people and I want life to turn out well for them. This love changes things. But what if I multiplied that love by 100 million? I would explode! I couldn't handle it, I can't even imagine loving these people any more than I do. Yet God's love is a 100 million times bigger than my love. God loved us so much that He sent a piece of him to suffer and die for us. And God loves those that I don't. What if I loved the annoying people as much as I loved my niece, or what if I loved the homeless man as much as I loved my brother. Would I be led to serve them more? Would I do all I could to help them, to my life down for them? I assume that I would. 

So here it is Valentine's Day, and I could have a pity party about being unmarried and single but thats old news. We all know I am single as a dollar bill (thanks for that one Eleanor)!  But today I find so many reasons to celebrate. I am loved more than I could imagine and I have been given the chance to love so many of you. Today I choose to praise God for giving us this ability to be even a tiny reflection of the amazing love He has for us, for love is what has made my life worth living. 

My friends, may this day, this week, this year be filled with love love love. Love others, love yourself, and more than anything love the God who taught us how to love. 

Besos! (Kisses) 

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