Saturday, February 2, 2013

Licenses, Poor Planning, and Why Its Cool that I am still in the US.

Life dilemma number 547.3: My license is about to expire. Sure, that seems like a normal happens-every-six-years kind of problem, but it turns out to be a little more complicated for a nomad. Yes, I probably should have realized that this was going to happen soon since my license says I am an inch shorter than I am now and still has the red ring that warns people I was once under the age of 21, but alas, I just left the little guy in my wallet and now I stare at my 18 year-old-self wondering the best course of action.

The best course of action is, well, unknown, as is my location in six months. Ah yes, just six short months and I am on to the next adventure. To be honest I have spent the last year-point-five freaking out calmly searching for options, until finally I slowed down enough to hear God say "Just wait." Just calm down, be quiet, and trust. Sure, I have to do some work too, seeing what doors open and what doors close, but I know that God will take me where I need to go next. I realize that he already knows where I will go and how he will take care of me. I mean, I am praying it isn't North Dakota or Wisconsin (although I do like cheese....) but wherever it is, it will be exciting.

I will be honest too in saying that I used to feel ashamed about staying in the country. I clearly stated to my college ministry that I was giving my life to missions and upon graduation from Georgia College hoped to be out of the country within the year. When that didn't happen I was nervous that people would think I had left that calling behind, that I was failing to serve God missionally because here I was in the good ole' US of A. But that isn't true. Being a missionary is a process, and everything doesn't happen on our time clock. Each step I take is in preparation for whatever mission field God desires for me, and it is in no way less worthy to pursue a Masters degree that will help me be a better servant. It is in no way less worthy for me to serve God on an Apache reservation, at an Ivy League University, or in my own hometown, because the mission field is everywhere. I know and believe that God has called me to be a missionary, but I have come to learn that the calling itself is on His timeline and being a missionary isn't just a call to far away lands. The journey is just as important as the destination. The calling to be a missionary applies to the here and now, to educating ourselves, to serving God in the United States and abroad. There are issues in our very own backyard and God has chosen to expand my vision in ways I never expected.

So yes, I would love to be traveling the world, working with the Quechua people of South America (my dream), or adventuring through the cities of Spain, and perhaps one day God will lead me there. But for now I will wait, I will learn to be excited about the journey, and I will gladly serve God in any capacity He calls me too.

In light of all this I guess an expired license isn't such a problem after all. Perhaps it is an invitation to go somewhere new and settle down some roots, to have a different "permanent" address, and to embark on a different adventure.

So what is my next step? I'm thinking my first course of action will be to plan a stand-out outfit and perfect hairstyle for that next license. 18 year-old-license-self, you are getting a make-over! Welcome to 2013! 

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