Monday, February 25, 2013

A Small Hiatus

My dearests,

I think that perhaps I will not be posting super often for a little while. Yes, my trials, tribulations, rants, and emotions are still my constant companion, and I will most likely still be posting at points, but I think I need to take a little time to work through this next transition with the Lord and with myself. In four months I head somewhere else, and when I know where I will tell you all of course. And in the next quarter I will most likely be impassioned with something that I cannot help but share. And perhaps as soon as I post this I will be flooded with phenomenal ideas for blog posts (I still owe you all one on my experience on the Ellen Show) but don't be alarmed if I go a little while without a word. I am still alive and well, and still committed to posting my rambling mind on the internet for all little eyes to see. For now I just need a little break to take in my surroundings, spend time with those I have come to love over the past year and a half, and figure things out.

I will see you soon, I promise. Perhaps tomorrow, next week, or the next.

Just don't worry. I won't forget about you.

Yours truly,


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