Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Productivity has flown away.

Today I am being woefully unproductive. Holed up in my friend's apartment (because she has internet, and this couch I am sitting on, and some crackers that I have eaten hoping she won't notice) I am supposed to be working on a research paper. Old Meredith keeps knocking on the doors of my brain saying "This paper is due Monday! You should be almost done by now!" But new Meredith drowns her out with iTunes and says, "I'll do it later." New Meredith is lacking in time-management skills.

Outside it looks like a once-in-a-blue-moon cloudy day and I think it maybe rained. So I think that gives me permission to curl up on this sofa and not worry about anything. Perhaps I will do a little reading for this paper and then calmly contemplate how I am going to freak out on Friday but then be done with it on Tuesday. Because really graduate school is just a crazy cycle to get used to. Procrastinate, Stress, Nap. That is how it goes. In fact, I think I will skip step one and two and just take a nap.

Perhaps I will gain all the information about the de-Christianization of Europe and the history behind it by magical osmosis.

You never know. 

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