Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crazy Summer, comin' right up!

Well, the school year is officially over and this week summer begins! For some people, summer means a break. For AYM, summer means things get crazy.

This summer, for instance, we lose our regular programming but gain 10 short-term teams from around the United States. That means b.u.s.y. In addition to working with these awesome teams, we also have to work at making sure that we don't drop our own students in the hustle and bustle of accommodating and loving on our visitors.

For us, the summer becomes a balance. It is a balance of caring for multiple groups of people, from different backgrounds, with different stories and expectations. And we are blessed because our short term teams are fantastic, and our AYM students are so lovely and flexible and kind and excited. But there is a danger in trying to accommodate so many needs that we forget about the purpose behind it all. 

For me, as I prepare for the summer I get small bouts of anxiety, because I want it to be perfect for everyone. I want our teams to get a full picture of this beautiful place. I want them to leave with the right perspective, with new friends, with a new appreciation for God. For our kids, I don't want them to feel left behind. I don't want them to feel like a project or a show. I want them to feel loved and cared for and happy. My team and I have such a passion for God's work in this place, and I don't want anything to become lost in the busy weeks to come.

In the midst of the preparations I become easily overpowered by expectations, and I get tired before the summer has even started! But as I often have to do, I take a deep breath. And I find rest in the deep and perfect breath of God saying, "This isn't about you, your team, or even AYM. This isn't about the "perfect week" or the "perfect summer." This is about AYM letting go and letting Me work. Trust me. I've had this planned long before you did. I AM in control." 

And as I breathe in that truth I throw all the expectations out the window, because a summer in which God has control is better than any summer my team and I could plan.

So bring it on summer. We are ready for you. And we can't wait to see what happens.

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