Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dreams and Vision on the Home front

Written after traveling to my university, Georgia College, at the beginning of my trip home. 

It is such a joy to be home, to be in the place that formed me, grew me, challenged me.

It is such a privilege to be around motivation, to cast vision for what my students could be, will be, with the right push and the right care.

As I walk around this place I envision what it would look like for my students to achieve this, to believe that this can be their future. I have dreams of walking the campus with my girls, of introducing them to key people, of inspiring them to reach for a better future that they can see, imagine, embrace.

What great blessing it is to have connections, to have good hands to pass to. How amazing that this has been my life. And isn't that what I bring to the table? No, I haven't had their suffering, but I have had the future that I want to be available to them. I have had the experiences and I have the passion to believe that they too can be formed by a place like Georgia College.

I choose to believe.
I choose to have faith.

And I will pursue these ends until God tells me otherwise. Because He has brought me to these places for a purpose, and I will live within that purpose to the fullest of my ability.

I choose to have unwaivering hope in the midst of disappointment.

I choose to work within my passions, my past, and my future for the sake of the one.
Because isn't it all worth it for that one student?
The one that decides that enough is enough.
The one that decides that they are done with mediocrity and ready for greatness. 

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  1. Meredith, I'm so glad that God has given you such a heart for the girls...and I'm so thankful that you are choosing to join in the work He is doing among their hearts, dreams, and passions to be transformed individually, and in community! XOXO