Friday, October 17, 2014

"Crocodile Dundee" Comes for a Visit

What a great Fall Break last week. My brother, the one and only, came to town. And it was glorious.

Back when we were little kids my brother and I shared bunk beds for a year. We were both scared of the dark and the solution was solidarity. I remember that year fondly. We would go to sleep talking together until Ryan would say, "Shhh, I need to pray." And he would fall asleep praying his long and all-important prayers. Needless to say, he and I have always been close.

So this past week, as grown-ups, we revisited our childhood. For the week Ryan slept on the floor in my room and we would spend each night catching up on years of missed-out togetherness. We would chat about my life and his, give each other advice, share our perspectives on any number of topics, and laugh until sleep overtook us. We may be in our twenties, but we still enjoy a good late night chat.

Having my brother here made this one of the greatest weeks of my year. Seeing as I have lived across the country for 3 years we only get together time like this about once every 2 years (when home for Christmas we are both preoccupied with our separate friends and activities). He fit in perfectly (of course) with my teammates and students. The kids nicknamed him "Crocodile Dundee" and it stuck for the whole week. I hope he felt the weight of that honor!

It was also so fun seeing all the things we had in common that we never realized. I swear we look nothing alike but my team, seeing us together for the first time, picked out a number of similarities. Oddly enough, we both have the habit of sticking our tongue out when we are concentrating on something. Who knew!

The laughs, the conversations, the meal times, and the interaction of my brother with my friends gave peace to my heart and comfort to my soul. As he reminded me to give God the control and to rest not on my own understanding I was reminded of God's great grace and provision in bringing Ryan out to visit.

When he left he commented, "Its a weird little life you have made for yourself out here."

"Thanks," I replied, "I kind of like it."  

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