Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Be sad no longer!

To my dear faithful blog readers (all 1 million six of you),

I know it has been a hard week. You check every day and you think, "Why hasn't dear Meredith posted about her oh so interesting life?" You missed the thrill, the adventure, the suspense that is my daily doing. I bet it was hard to even go to work. You moped around, sad, maybe a little lost.

Well feel lost no longer! I am back! Since the Santa Ana winds blew in last week things have been crazy (in an awesome way). Check out this video to see the damage done to Pasadena. Those winds were nuts! The winds also blew in my sweet friend Amanda. Being a flight attendant she is the only friend who can afford to visit me....because its free. It was an amazing weekend, the best yet. Of course Amanda fit in so well with my new friends here (because lets face it, I only make awesome friends. So awesome+awesome=super awesome) and we saw the city, bought clothes at a sample sale, and of course ate at In-and-Out burger. We played some poker until the dealer took away our chips for lack of competition and we made delicious meals while watching football (don't know if I should be sad or happy about the Georgia loss). All in all it was fabulous.

It is also finals week around here. While I was galavanting around town with Amanda the rest of my peers were in the library. I got a lot of "how do you have free time???" but I don't know the answer! I just do. Life is too short to just write papers all the time. So now I am writing this post as one more bit of procrastination. On the positive side, I can now tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Mark 8:27-9:1

1 week and 1 day until this city girl comes back to the country. I can't wait! 

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