Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

What a year, what a year. I never would have believed you if you had tried to tell me all that would occur in these 12 months. Let's take a look back, shall we?

January 2011: I began my last semester at Georgia College with two snow days! We filled these days with sledding, cocoa, friends, and homemade music videos.

February 2011: My good friend Matt and I ran as the Ambassador team representatives for Mr. and Ms. Georgia College. Though I had absolutely no chance at winning we had a really good time representing a fantastic part of the university.

March 2011: A busy month! I visited my brother for a rainy weekend in Birmingham, my roommate from Spain came to visit me at Georgia College, I inducted my mentor into ODK, and I visited my homeland, Richmond, Virginia. 

April 2011: In April I turned 22 with some fabulous friends. We celebrated with a huge ice cream/dance party in our little apartment. We also found Feathers in the hood of my roommate Ansley's car. Oh how I fell in love with this contraband kitten in our apartment. 

May 2011: Oh May! The month where my life changed. My future plans fell through and I graduated with a Bachelors in Spanish and Economics....and I wore a lot of cords which made me feel special. 

June/July 2011: In these two months my future changed. In June Kelley got married and my pastor/friend was God's instrument in directing me down my eventual path. In these two months I decided on a whim to go to India and follow that with a two-year move to Pasadena, California to attend Fuller. I think I spent July preparing because I have no pictures from that month. (I think we went on vacation? And I raised over $4000! And I played for my sweet friend Chelsea's wedding as well.) 

August 2011: August, ahhh August. The hardest month of the entire year. I spent this month in India, teaching at churches and being taught by God in the most real and tangible way I have ever experienced. I could write a book about this month, but I won't bore you here....that is if you are still here at this point! 

September 2011: One week after I stood at the Taj Mahal I embarked on an epic road trip with my Dad. To Pasadena we went, with some fun adventures and boring stretches along the way! 

...And the rest is in the blog. From September to December I have finished my first quarter at seminary (with all As!), become a baby expert as a nanny, gotten adjusted to new friends and places, survived some epic Santa Ana winds, and spent a wonderful Christmas at home with my family.

Who knows what this next year will hold. Based on last year, I am not even going to wager a guess. 

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