Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Night of Stars

I have officially been inducted into Los Angeles life. I have met a star.

This afternoon some friends and I made the trek into LA/Hollywood to do some sight seeing. First stop, The Griffith Observatory. We saw the famous Hollywood sign, the whole city in lights, and of course, we learned about some stars. (The real kind, that is). We had our own personal guide- an astrophysicist and engineer, a.k.a. my overqualified TA for my missions class. It was great to learn about the amazing universe our God created.

And then....

We met the other kind of star.

We headed from there to The Grove which is a swanky outdoor mall in LA. Really we went because they had fake snow bubbles and it was the only chance to see snow at Christmas here, but we got a lot more bang for our buck. I was on the lookout for celebrities because I heard they sometimes shop here, but for the majority of the evening there was no such luck. We ate at the Farmer's Market (I had tortilla espaƱola and almost died of happiness. I miss Spain!) and then we danced in the fake snow and went to shop around a bit.

Just as I had stopped my search for stars by friend Mark says casually, "Hey, those are the guys from the Glee Project that just passed us."

I don't know what came over me, but I did the only logical thing to do in this moment. I turned immediately around and started following them, dragging my friend Elizabeth by the arm. I don't know why I did it, but I love the Irish kid that has been on Glee and I just wanted to see his face. Its weird, I know, but I was starstruck,
Mark, on the other hand, was totally cool. As I was blindly stalking these kids into Barnes and Noble Mark calls out, "Hey Damien!" Damien (the star) turns around and Mark (being again, so cool and casual) tells him that he just wanted to shake his hand (Mark also knows another guy that won the Glee Project so he had a point of common interest with them). I too shook Damien McGinty's hand, asked him if he was having fun filming Glee, told him he was doing a great job, and wished him and his friends a Merry Christmas.

It was the best moment ever.

I, my friends, met a real star.

The great thing was, these kids are just starting out so they had no egos at all. They were so kind and willing to chat with us. And I heard the Irish accent with my own two ears. So now, for your viewing pleasure, follow this link and click on the "Who are you?" video. Then continue marveling at the fact that I met Damien McGinty and didn't get in trouble for stalking him through The Grove. 

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