Monday, December 26, 2011

Yep, I was mistaken. Oops.

There are few points in my life where I admit to being wrong, or mistaken. I don't like to admit my faults because, let's face it, I would prefer perfection. But after this Christmas I have to admit that I was mistaken in my post I wrote a few days ago. I wrote that I did not see the correlation between the arrival of Jesus and a bunch of presents under the tree.

But this Christmas proved me wrong.

You see, there was so much joy in opening presents at my house this year. The gifts represented time, thought, and resources that someone expended for me. As I received my gifts I truly felt loved that someone had put that much effort into finding things I would enjoy. And it hit me. I had been wrong about presents. Not because I realized how much I love presents, but because I realized these presents were about love.

And the love I felt from receiving these gifts was just an infinitesimally small fraction of the love I will feel when I finally grasp the magnitude of the gift God gave for me. These gifts represent the biggest and best gift of love we have ever received, the gift of salvation and redemption through Jesus Christ.

So I take back my rant about Christmas present materialism and I admit that I was wrong. Christmas traditions are about love for each other, and remind us of the great love of our Father.

Happy Boxing Day! 


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  2. ...oh great!!...i am being accepted is terrible not to be allowed to speak...even if it is by blogger person (whoever they may be)!...i love your last comments about presents...we do indeed find joy in receiving... as we do in the obedience of giving...perhaps having a tiny person around on Christmas morning...brought a new perspective...or maybe seeing with adult eyes the joy of your parents giving to you...or maybe the joy of seeing your gifts received with gracious love changed your mind and heart a bit...or maybe our Lord used all of the above...surely God Himself smiled when the Baby came to earth...even knowing the harrowing road ahead...did not stop His joy in knowing what the Gift would bring to the world...and how much brighter earth (and heaven) would be because of the giving heart of God...and the receiving hearts of mankind....loved hugging on you...hope your new year will be wonderful...i will be keep THAT is a wonderful gift to all of us...i love you much sweet girl elaine/ccww