Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Santa Ana Winds

*I would like to thank the movie The Holiday for being the only reason I knew what the Santa Ana winds were. I honor you with this post.*

As I lay here in my bed, in my matchbox apartment, the Santa Ana winds rage outside my window. The sound is like thunder and the trees are swaying very precariously. Sirens continue to wail through the streets and the streets themselves are completely littered with debris. These are the most powerful winds I have ever experienced. Part of me wants to go outside and get lost in the winds, to feel the strong breeze whip across my whole self, but of course I know that would be dangerous, so I don't. These winds just seem like they can make you feel alive, like you are a part of something bigger. They are majestic in their ferocious power and to me, they are amazing.

But as I lay here in my bed, in my matchbox apartment, I know that there are hundreds in the Los Angeles area that are homeless and have no shelter from the winds. As I admire the wind's power, they fear the destruction. The sirens are not a distant sound for them, they are a harsh reality. This is a wind storm like I have never seen, but I am safe and many are not. I thank God that I can make the decision to stay inside, but I pray and I pray that He will protect those who are not as fortunate as me tonight.

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