Monday, March 19, 2012

Breaks, Beaches, and Books.

A week of rest is a glorious thing. I have spent copious amounts of time in pajama pants reading books and thinking of nothing unpleasant. Today I went with two of my favorite friends, Elizabeth and Nolan, to Manhattan Beach. I can complain about the smog and traffic for decades but the fact that I can drive to about fifteen different beaches within an hour is most certainly a Southern California perk. We spent the afternoon eating sandwiches on the windy pier, walking down the deserted beach (not everyone is so lucky as to have a Monday off) and gawking at the amazing houses built up these cute walkways on the hill. Manhattan Beach is apparently the home of beach volleyball, which is awesome, but looking past the beach to the town it seriously looked like an upper-class slum because the houses were all only six feet apart! People seriously take up every inch of land here. Interesting that it is such a popular place to lay down your bucks since earthquakes are so common...hmmmm. Not the most logical idea in my opinion. But we had such a fabulous time. We danced through the alleys, ate ice cream sandwiched between two cookies, and tried on fabulously overpriced but adorably floppy hats (number 1 purchase when I have a job that makes more than 800 bucks a month). It was sunny, windy, and all together lovely.

I also played in my church orchestra on Sunday! Yippee! It was so fun, well except for the fact that I had to be there at 7:30am and didn't wake up until 6:50. Let's just say that for the first time in my whole LIFE I failed to take a shower before I went to church. (Thankfully as a girl I always smell like roses and beautiful things, right??). In the orchestra I sat next to a nice older man named Paul who was so kind and really fun, so we became automatic friends. We both got lost in the same places (this orchestra is seriously serious) so I felt like I had a partner in mediocrity. It is nice to be slowly but surely making a few friends in my big church here. When I went to the connecting area the three people I met who got me connected (makes sense, right?) were all so excited for me since I played that morning. They gave me big hugs and were really happy and supportive, and I felt loved. How nice that my church family extends to wherever I go.

After such a lovely few days, I think I will go ahead and continue the pattern of comfy pants and a good book- now that is what I call a well-deserved break!

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