Monday, March 5, 2012

Revealing Grace

Unnaturally orange powder and macaroni will never go out of style. So gooood.

Do you want to know what else is good?

I moved and got a roommate! If you know me even remotely well you know I am most definitely an extrovert. Having Nayeli here I feel like I can finally breathe, like I am at peace, because living alone is not really that conducive to extroverted tendencies. I am going to go ahead and put it out there that my new roommate is a straight blessing from God. He knew what I needed, and what she needed in moving here, and we get along so well. I will say that it is so nice to come home to a big apartment complete with my own room, a living room, a dishwasher AND a washer/dryer! I feel as if I am in the lap of luxury, even though I am just one building over! But it is even nicer to have a friend in the next room who I can laugh out loud with and who likes to watch silly television. It feels like we have been friends for so long, almost like a piece of home has come to me (and my dearest friends you know I have been longing for you), and I know that this is just another blessing I absolutely do not deserve. Praise God for revealing His grace to us!

Another cool thing I want to report is that I am writing a really long paper for my Poverty and Development class. Don't worry, this is not another super nerdy moment. This is something different. Through a few adjustments and research walls I recently finalized my topic to the poverty and development of the Navajo Nation. As I was researching for some more information tonight, the toolbar brought up the link for one of my old blog posts. Distractions are always welcome so I clicked on it and read about my road trip here to California. The post ends with this sentence:

I will tell you this: the Navajo are an incredible people that seem to have been forgotten along with the small town of Gallup. I really cannot wait to learn more about them and their culture here in New Mexico. 

Do you get that? I had no remembrance of that when I chose my paper topic, but I see that it is something I was not meant to forget. These people I am not to forget. After seeing God's hand so clearly in this paper I got really excited to write it. It is so nice when God gives you the motivation to get your work done.

It will be a busy two weeks, but I will get through it. For I am blessed. And as my friend Ashley always tells me, Meredith you are loved by so many people. For these blessings I will praise God. For though I am so utterly undeserving, His grace is ever apparent.

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