Monday, March 26, 2012

Pondering and Wandering

My dear faithful readers,

Have you been prone to wandering around your kitchen, slightly hunchbacked, with a scrunched up nose and a quizzical brow? Has your mind been on one lone track, pondering the details of my next wandering? 

What's that? 

No? You have not been doing that? 

You had more important and pressing things to think about?

 Oh....Ah well. At least it put a nice picture in my head and a momentary proud aire to my self-centered notions. At any rate, you can probably guess that I am now going to answer the questions you did not have and the ponderings you did not ponder. In addition, to save myself from constant self-centered notions that all people really want to do is read my silly writings, I ask that if you have a blog, then please put the link in the comment section of this post. I want to keep up with you and your silly notions and lovely lives!

But back to me. 

Today I started the Spring quarter! Wooo! The reason for the wooo is that as soon as this quarter is over I am heading to Arizona for the summer! wooo! As many of you know, since you avidly follow my life, I am going to be working with Apache Youth Ministries in order to fulfill the practicum requirement for my Masters. I will be on the White Mountain Apache reservation in Eastern Arizona for eight weeks and I recently found out just a few of the things I will be doing there. 

1. I will be working with incoming short-term mission teams.
2. I will be working with the kids group home.
3. I will be working with the current youth staff at AYM.
4. (My favorite) I will be taking the teens to the Warrior Leadership Summit, a conference for Native Americans aged 15-30. 

Doesn't that sound amazing? I could not be more thrilled about this summer (and the fact that I get to visit my roommate from Spain in Mesa on the way is an awesome bonus). I am ready to stop studying and start doing. I think that my time with AYM is going to be life altering and heart changing. Hopefully God will give me some direction, but even if He doesn't, I cannot wait to meet these Apache students and start loving on some kiddos.

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